sad farewell

Today marks the day of my one year in the SAF. But today my ex pc left... Damn sad, he came back to dekit n say his farewells.. Hes my sis's bf classmate. i only know that When i had my 1st parents visiting day.. Maybe thats y i feel closer to him than the other officers.. All the times we shared cannot be describe lo. From late night smoking under the stars chatting to all the various trainings.. Although he wasn't my pc for long but we were always the best smoking partners... We chat about everythings, his crazy antics were a bomb haha... Always ask me go lsb with him one lo... Haha.. He just left a few hours ago n i'm missing him already... Anyway, good luck to him in his future... He is a born leader n hopefully will continue to inspire other soldiers. GOOD LUCK Lta tan seng poh!

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