just got back home yo !

at last man! feels so good to be back home hehe.. going out to meet all the lt guys later for movie i think!

was at starbucks on tuesday, just before i book in.

took a few photos in camp too :D

this is the mungens + indian gang

we took this in the morning... when we were all SLACKING hahhaha

anyway, think i better not link so many images here :D all my images are HERE!

anyway, i wanna complain man, how can a superior treat his subordinates differently? instead of letting us hardworking ones have offs/nights offs, he gives all the priviledges to a motherfucking retard? ivan and i are so damn pissed.. when he ask me to do stuff, i will just delibrately give him the "i can't be fucked" look. what mickey say was correct also, work also on the 10th got money, no work also got money, so why bother ?

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