Mourning on New Years Day

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Though its worth celebrating, recent events have all but dampen my spirits for any holiday/occasion. Din't really have the thought of any major disaster hitting us before the X'mas Eve Earthquake. 8.9 on the richter scale, massive tsunamis, who could have thought that stuff like this happened so close to us. Though we aren't affected directly, the aftermath of such a huge disaster have its impact.

My sympathy to all those who suffered directly/indirectly from this event. The death toll is astonishing.

To JC, whom lost his cute cousin to this incident, take it easy man.. god bless. dun be sad already, shes in a better place i believe.... JC is one of my buddies in camp. Really unfortunate... he was so devastated.. haiz, see him i also feel sad..

I'm like most out there, not really affected by this incident as none i know are directly affected, that is till i know someone whom is indirectly related to me lost his/her life to this tragic and twisted act of mother nature. My heart really goes out to JC...

anyway slight update, i'm now on a 1 day work 1 day off schedule. This would last till i get caught >.< Its suppose to be the best thing that can ever happen to anyone in the SAF but for me i still think its not enough. Greedy? I suppose so. Human nature :P But i've learn from this disaster that one cannot take anything for granted.

Imagine when you're aboard having a holiday with your loved ones, only to return alone... What should've been one of the best moment in ones life turned out to be the worst..

Hopefully JC won't be affected too much by this, hope he can start anew. Hope his granny face up bravely to this.

God bless =]

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