I remember there was a time where promises are actually kept. What a distant past that was. Once, when people made a promise they actually kept it or tried their very best to fulfill it. Nowadays, it'll be a miracle for people to even remember it.

The way the world shaped us has very considerable negative effects on us imo. Gone are the times where friendship is worth more than anything else. Theses days, everyone has a price, the other moral values and certain social obligations are all thrown out of the window.

Perhaps i should not be taking other people's words as serious. I am getting really frustrated with certain subjects and people alike nowadays. The source to my sudden irritation continues to elude me. There are certain qualities i really hate, but in the end, who am i to correct?

I'm feeling this air of superiority around me, fake? Yea sure as hell its fake. I am but a normal person, quick to point out people's wrongs and mistakes, but failure to ever notice my own.

I wonder how people deal with broken promises. The ones who actually didn't keep their promises. The other party would at the most be sad and disappointed. But the person who didn't keep it, how do you feel? Or perhaps u might have conveniently forgotten all about it? At the end of the day, i wonder how you actually sleep at night, alone, when the darkness looms and surrounds you. What do you think of? Do you think of memorable moments, joyful and loving times where the mere thought of those will bring a sweet smile onto your face? Or would you reflect on past mistakes, how you've failed other people, let them down? The amount of sorrow they felt, the anguish they went through?

Have you kept your promises?

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