Lethargic. Wannabe Perfectionist

1. of, pertaining to, or affected with lethargy; drowsy; sluggish.
2. producing lethargy.
Also, le·thar·gi·cal.
[Origin: 1350–1400; < L léthargicus < Gk léthargikós; r. ME litargik < ML litargicus(see lethargy, -ic)]

Feeling very lethargic lately, wonder if its the lack of games? or the lack of objective.

School is going on just fine, just that nowadays it seems like theres lesser people. Jonathan isn't around anymore, on some days its just me and kelvin changhong ching hoe meng poh from grp 1. Last time it used to be so many of us. Its like the numbers are dwindling.

Bought Escoffier's book the other day.
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Saw another book titled
The Perfectionist : Life and Death in Haute Cuisine
Its about French chef Bernard Loiseu who commited suicide after hearing rumors that his restaurant was going to be demoted to 2 Stars by the Michelin Guide. He commited suicide on February, 2003.
I really admire him, not for committing suicide lol, but for his courage and determination to be the absolute best, a perfectionist. I wish i could be like him, and not be sloppy anymore. Another book on my 'mustbuy' list!

Just recieve this today =]

Listening to 五月天's 五月天 From 離開地球表面 2007 極限大碟

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