Relaxing Sunday

Pretty unlucky the past week. Like falling into a 1.6 meter deep drain. Embarassing like dunno what. Yesterday's asian prac was crappy. Other than not knowing what to do plus i got caught smoking and had to wash the grill... Next time must be more tactical.

Went to Hougang kopitiam with ching hoe to have a late dinner. Met kok there too, but end up both of us didn't eat anything lol. Funniest moment was when Fad was asking Hisham if his Beef Rendang was cooked long enough. Hisham asked Fad to taste but Fad said "i fasting!". LOL Hisham than proceed to say "FUCK U LA". Seriously both of them look like brothers. Similar pattern and size. =\

Somehow i have a bad feeling going to Shang-ri La on Saturday for the 22nd Graduation. Definitely gonna feel weird and alienated. Feeling so bored right now. Have a tonne of stuff to do. Have to try and finish Escoffier's book, organize my room, clean up my HDD. But for some reason i can't be bothered doing anything right now. Just wanna lay in bed and not move... Thinking back, i kinda miss the days where i was still gaming full time. Training everyday, matches during the weekends. Winning some stuff here and there and surviving on those pitiful prize money. Being the who's who and all the fun times and enjoyment like a 40 people bf1942 during X'mas. Wouldn't have missed that period of time for anything in the world.

Good times come and go. Hopefully it'll always get better. Looking forward to the start of a new week =]

Lukas Rossi - Headspin.

Cause you make my head spin.

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