Almost there

Belated post from my TyTn II

For once I'm almost happy with service today. Just a little bit more.

Pass few days, I learnt that the greatest achievement one can get as a chef is just a smile on the patron's face.. Something as simple as a smile.. I truly enjoy the look of a satisfied customer. Little things like these can really keep my fire ignited. Lol. Compliments too, are something everyone should get and should enjoy. Working so much and so hard for so long is really, in my world, a shout out for recognition.

One thing I've been neglecting for sometime is something very basic, but everyone in someway always fail to uphold. That is, respect. Respect for the people around me, friends and strangers alike. I'm always forgetting that everyone around me are just human beings, some even more so than me.

Really wanted to post some pics of the food I make here, but somehow I can't find anything that I'm proud off. Soon, hopefully.

I just want to be acknowledged. Being so gives me a feeling that I'm actually alive.

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