After about 6 days worth of working in Macaron's, I have almost gasp the operations well.

Last night I did my 1st order to a paying customer. Very last minute, no prep nor did I ever made before. King crab pasta. The customer didn't give any bad comments... But deep down inside I knew it wasn't as good as it could've been. Very very stressful to have like 10 pair of eyes staring at you cook. After service I got tested on Mentaiko pasta again. Seriously I know all my mistakes like it being too dry and stuff but I still commit those mistakes. Wth.. Chef Edmund said I lack confidence. Well I think so too. Whatever happened to the usual me? I miss all those sensations I used to feel.

Final test on simple stuff before Edmund leaves for the new outlet in Raffles City. Good luck to all. Definitely will miss Edmund, a fine mentor even though it has only been a short while..

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