Losing It.

EC is getting fustrating.

Somehow these few days I've thinking a lot. Insecurities and stuff abundant. Was I wrong? I sure hope not. Everything i do seems to be wrong. No longer can i make the perfect decision anymore. Can't seem to satisfy everyone. Keep telling myself that i must understand. I need a grip, something to hold on to. A belief.. Faith. Faith that will reassure me that everything will not spiral out of control.

The words you said all seem so true now. I can't expect everyone and everything to be the way i want it to be.
X'mas is tomorrow but everything seems dull and lifeless now. Ever since all these happened. How i wish i can go back to the time where everything was lovely and peachy. I thought i could find bliss in ignorance. Guess i was the ignoramus all along.

On a brighter side, you're always there when i need you the most.


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