Past 2 Weeks..

Wow, realized that it have been a long time since I have blogged. Haven't been having much free time lately, morning shift @ Charcoal is really killing me :(

Went out a lot the past week, caught Jumper during Valentine's. Quite a nice movie but its too short already. Hopefully there's a sequel.

Saw a lot of Rosette, good and bad, cause usually I end up going home late which means tiredness @ work the next day lol. Went back to school on Friday but unfortunately we're still unable to clear all the money matters with Shatec accounts. Grr I need my 200 back ffs. Went back to Canele RC to take my pay which I've no idea when its from. Went down with Sam, zhan yong n big ears. Ate a lot n thanks to Edmund n Dennis who gave us free ice cream! Lol really will miss u guys. Bought some Macaroons for daisy and opt, omg opt really look so tired teaching her new class.

Saw a lot during the past 2 weeks. Saw some behaviors that I really hate, but what to do? I 'm just a bystander. Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

Grand Hyatt + Aerospace 2008 tml. Hopefully it'll be fun provided I don't screw it up heh.

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