Ever wondered how it feels like to have ur confidence shattered? I
just felt it recently... And it really sucked.

Reality, like truth smacked down with its iron fist of no mercy
battered viciously at my face. The sudden twist of fates meant that
all the stuff that I held in regard for was all for nothing. Nothing
can compare to the heartbreak and disappointment of the cruel truth.

Just when I thought I've left that event behind me, the winds of the
past came back haunting me ruthlessly. Day after day of its ice cold
gust tattered my body and froze the core of my very soul. It will
forever be one of my regrets in this life.

They said that time and tide waits for no man. How I wished that I
could've held on a little longer.

Comprehensive exam is coming. Don't want it come.. Don't wanna realize
that it have been all for nothing. I do not allow anything bad to

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