Death of A Piece of Modern History.

Geocities has officially died and obliterated from the internet. =(
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Wow, geocities was one of the first few websites i was introduced too when i first started out on the internet during the 1990s on my trustly 14.4kbps model. Its like a death of a distant friend... Loads of people whom i've met while chatting on geocities.. Lots of pages i browse, laughed and wept over. And the tonnes of Jpop stuff i downloaded off it like Morning Musume etc etc...

Pity so much data are gonna be deleted. Its like a country being wiped off the face of the earth with no more historical records whatsoever! Yahoo should've try to preserve a part of geocities. I'm sure many people whom jumped onto the internet bandwagon are farmilar with Geocities...

In chinese they have a saying "there is no endless banquet in this world" (ok so i can't type chinese on my office computer). Well all good things come to an end.

R.I.P Geocities.

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