Lovely~ Nicole

no really, I can't get enough of her :(

I'm starting to realize even though my work consists of me lazing around, surfing net, enriching myself, and not really actually working at all, I am still demanding more! I really need a bloody 2 hour lunch break instead one 1. This way i might actually have enough time to pick up some long overdue personal stuff during lunch.

And really, being stuck here till the end of the year is really demoralizing. Perhaps its time to devote my time to something else, like more WoW and doing more models.

Luka's Strike E + I.W.S.P went badly, mostly due to my impatience and frustration. Good learning process though. Hopefully next kit will be better.

Giving up prematurely, I realize that is sooooooo me. Oh well. Nicole shall brighten up my day today :D

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