This the season to be jolly lalalala~~

Alright, finally I've succumb to the evils of console gaming once again. Being a ex Sega fan, I was really disappointed with consoles from way back. Ever since my Megadrive, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast all went obsolete, I gave up after my Playstation 1 and went on to my PC.

So I went out a couple of days back and was deciding if I should actually get a Playstation 3. Well, I've waited long enough ever since its launch with its pitiful size of games, and so much promised games @ launch are still in development.. Then I went to my friend's place and play some Ninja Gaiden 2, and I was poisoned immediately !!!

Thus I went out the very next day and purchased a Playstation 3 slim =D
Didn't get many games, on a pretty tight budget.. But hey, its gonna be X'mas anyway! Hahaha!

I was kinda cursed with consoles.. So hey, don't blame me if the Playstation 3 dies!

And so I got a pretty companion among my dvd players in the living room... Thats where the only Full HD tv in the house is... Till I get 1 full HD tv in my room.. I will move it in.. Hopefully Santa will hear me and grant me a 60' Full HD tv.. Wishful thinking I know, but hey, hopes are what keep people alive :D

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