Droid Attack!

So I finally gave into temptation and purchased a Droid! After a few hours of fiddling with it, I think that its excellent!

Form factor is magnificent, OS is very intuitive, especially with HTC spicing things up.  Droid market which is modelled after Apple's app store is good, only gripe is that I would've wish for a "sort by popularity" of sorts function. Like come on, 5 star ratings are not even accurate these days...

Love the browser, its fast and clear, even for pages clogged with ads. Flash support is appreciated. Apple needs to take note here.

I appreciate the fact that HTC has made a strong effort on using recycled materials on crafting the packaging. The minimalistic feel to the overall packaging and reducing their carbon footprint i applaud.

Now all that's needed is just more video playing capabilities.

And this post was done on the HTC Desire.

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