Krato's beckoning.

So I decided to purchase God of War III at last.. After holding it off for so long, I figured it was only right to purchase this highly rated game.

But being a bummer, its only natural that I find some means to minimize the effects of this expenditure....

In the end, it hit me. What better way than to sell those old games lying around and collecting dust?

So after a night of forum postings and early morning testing, I decided to sell my bunch of 3 games to this anonymous guy from a local forum. Had to let go of the games at a low price. Was thinking "What the hell?" but since he's getting all of my titles so be it.

Turns out he's a very nice guy! Lol I sure didn't expect that.. we even chatted for 5 mins... so completely not my style... And he was a really nice guy grumbling about how he couldn't get pass the second boss of God of War III. Theres nothing like meeting someone who's so passionate about the same stuff :)

So there after selling him the games I went down to purchase God of War III, in all its full R1 glory!!!

Just finish playing the first chapter I think, just killed Poseidon. Freaking E P I C game man. How many games are there in the market that while its fun to play, you'll find yourself going "WOW WTF!" at the same time! The graphics are stunning, the game play is smooth, the scenery, settings and layout of the first mission is in a class of its own. It blew me away literally!

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