Locked Up & Away

At times, it really hurts badly. I've never experienced anything like this before and I didn't know that it can really hurt this bad.

We were saying that we are gonna tell each other everything. But somehow I've always seen the stuff that you post and trust me, they do not feel good to read. Watching you doubt yourself and your decisions only strengthen the insecurities in me. How inapt you make me feel, how much of a replacement I am, how much of a unimportant person I am.

It really pains me to see you questioning yourself and I can't bring myself to face you. Am I that insignificant? Your life pretty much revolves around someone else. I'm always an afterthought. Sometimes I wonder, why am I always in this kinda situations. 

It isn't fair. But fairness is the last thing I seek. I don't mind giving everything and not getting anything back in return. But I really just want both of us to be happy together. We are happy, I guess, but one wouldn't need to be a psychic to know that it is only on the surface that we are. There exist many unspoken problems between us and only you can solve it. This is the fact and I absolutely hate it.

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