Been waiting and waiting... wha lao we are so like not fated lor.. nevermind. Hope all the waiting pays off... Fate is playing such a cruel game on me.. But as they say, no pain no gain ^^

Went to cineleisure to watch DollMaster yesterday with heng koll and linx. Quite a ok-ok show la, but not worth $8.50, but the girl with uber biggie eyes was cute :D hee
Behold the mighty koll!

After that linxie and heng came over with factor to my place for some mahjong action ! than born came after his range haha. Dammit i suck at mahjong =[

Woke up in the afternoon, got dragged to meet linxie's JOREEN WOR. Went to orchard with linx to meet her and her bunch of friends >.< was kinda bored but nevermind i got some stuff for myself. Books actually.. hehe. Got Jamie Oliver's (aka The Naked Chef) biography. Incase u ignorant fools don't know who he is, just kidding, anyway, hes a celebrity chef in Britain. The other book i got was Dan Brown's Deception Point. Would be keeping myself busy with these 2 books for the next week or so, weee seriously i am beginning to become a bookworm >.< Anyway i managed to get linx to buy Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, hahah.

Gonna book in soon already, would be a busy week with range and stuff, hopefully it will be fun la ah. Anyway see you guys in 6 days!!!

Listening to - Morning Musume - Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago

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