Booked out tonight. Weeee so happy hehe. Went with my mom and my grandma to my uncles shop at Macpherson selling duck rice LOL. His duck is wudi loh! Anyway, long time no see my grandma, she seems so happy now, after my uncle gave birth to his son a few months back. A family really seems to change the way a person act and thinks.. Take my uncle for example, last time always idle idle pattern one, nowadays he seems more responsible and reliable. A baby can really create miracles :D

Was talking cock with my mom and my grandma and my granny said that i should give her a great grand son/daughter to look after soon! LOL!!! Damn funny sia the way she say... hahahha i'm still young lor! Anyway been a long time since i've spend time with my granny, she seems so happy :D

alright, gtg sleep already..

Listening to Aya Matsuura - Watarasebashi

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