fucked up

Ask you dun leave the dvd with him, u say u wun forget to take back. Now he brought the dvd which u aren't obliged to bring it back at FIRST but since u left it there i deem it your responsibility to bring it back, but u don't wanna take it back for me? So be it man.

I thought you weren't, er, well to put it this way, as complete as you should be, but i din think u were so bad. (in other words fucked up la) Don't come and show me your attitude >.< Who do you think you are ? Some big shot ? Well if no one bother to inform you, let me, you are nothing.

Enough about that, just wanna vent my anger. Anyway been watching alot of Jap movies/serials nowadays... Weee the power of BitComet. I just realise www.suprnova.org went down, in ashes.. Such a great webby down? Music industries not earning money? So its our fault that a single piece of CD with a little information is overpriced? Its our fault that the softwares in the market cost too much? Free intellectual property ? hahha. Anyway what i'm downloading nowadays are all Japanese stuff, which i doubt they would bother about the piracy going on. Well cause simply they always choose to ignore the rest of Asia. They only concentrate on their own market and the North America one.

Went to a meeting for Gamers Xtreme League yesterday with eca, joe, pink and a few other guys. The singnet dude was generous enough though, treating all of us to dinner at this Vietnamnese resturant. The food there was well, alright nia la =x Talked alot, ideas were popping up here and there, but i can't really keep up. Well that is because i haven't followed the scene for quite some time, but who cares! CS is dead as much as i am concerned. Eca helped me snagged a small column on the Playworks Magazine, which i hope would turn out to be something good. That is IF i can get my lazy ass to their office on monday to talk to their editor T.T

Today is X'mas eve, not doing anything, dun wanna do anything. Too tired, still feel detached from this world because of the deployment shit.

Btw go watch KungFu Hustle. one word - roxs

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