Sia, i hate wannabes. Why in the world can't people act like themselves? Need to act ang moh pai meh? English so bad still there geng.... Whahaha bth leh! Please leh, dun come and 'yo yo' me and act la, cannot make it lor! Rofl. Nice use me words too! "my STEAD blah blah", than i went like "eh your horse ah?" lol! Stead = horse. Dun understand why people refer to their other halfs as a stead, just like what a medival warrior would refer to his transport. Haha... One piece of advice for that poor dude, if you can't fit in, than dun, theres no need to try so hard... Dun understand can't converse than say, dun geng than kenna expose than mass paiseh nia...

Btw, got to know Zac from support. Damn we click damn well. Same interests, same ideals and stuff. He inspired me in alot of stuff. truely admire his capabilities. We spend the whole night talking, <3 to <3 chat rofl...
Ivan is leaving soon already.... 8th of Jan he would be gone... sia, everyone leave liao left me n keong only! Our alliance how !?!?!

I'm so tired... the whole deployment thing is really taking its toll outta me... can't wait for next week whereby i just wanna lie around on bed all day and not moving~

alright be back next week :D

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