Hectic chinese new year... Been going in and out of camp and to my relatives place to visit. Well not that i like them anyway. Collected some money :D

I just realise i din even see my dad during this CNY... Hmmm.. Been quite some time since i last saw him.. Even if i see him, i dunno what to talk to him about :( Only thing i heard about him is my mum complaining blah blah blah. Haiz, but then i'm glad their marriage din work out, completely mismatched la.

Doing alot lately, enjoying myself :D Times like a blur, can't remember can't recall can't gauge.. Nvm~

Mahjong-ing alot, lost abit, overall still ok la :D MJ-ed with born linx heng fish and cindy last night. Dammit i lost like $20..

On the MRT on our way to fishie hse to MJ last night

This is the Actor, keep bugging me. IRRITATING

Talking about this "actor" reminds me of Xavier. Dammit, can he like stop calling me n bugging me? Doesn't he have other FRIENDS. Ivan also buey tahan.. haha. Dammit outta our unit dun come back di siao what... I think can call barred his number liao.

Ok will post something soon, hopefully later can catch Constantine.

Listening to Mayday - Superman

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