In the still of the night.

its almost 1am. This 1 week break is gonna end real soon.. Thinking back i did quite alot of stuffs, lost quite a lot of money and gain quite a few memories.

I am losing faith already.. So much have happened. From secondary sch till now.. Regrets.. My O'levels... to quitting sch, playing way too much games, wcg, korea, army till now... Lots of fine memories, i chose to block out all the negative thoughts, sad moments, regrets... I used to have so much confidence, be it in my studies or anything else, i just know i can do what i set out to. Now, i'm losing my confidence, my faith.. I will think about what i did, its consequences, its effects and who i'll affect. But i'm glad this episode happened in my life.. Quitting sch was a hard decision, trust me on that :P I missed out on the so called "essential" stuff like a degree. But still i'm grateful to god on how i turn out to become. If give a chance to start over, will i? Where will i be? Who will i be with? For better or for the worst? Will i be living the "standard" life? What will i be thinking?

I just realise, everytime anyone thinks about "IFs", "start over". A sense of regret definatly.

I just need more faith to continue what i've started almost 4 years ago. To become what i wan. Just a tineey wineey bit more.

Ok this "reflection while smoking staring at the moon" stuff is too much.

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