happy birthday alfred & denise

Got to book out yesterday night. Today off sia.. sipeh song. But i'm wondering why he suddenly so good give me off, no shit i actually got a OFFICIAL OFF. This calls for some celebration la.

Rushed home came on irc n linxie jio-ed to go alfred n denise chalet... Din really intend to go beforehand cause i thought i would be in camp n i totally forget about it even though fish called me earlier in the day. argh stressed out leh. Reached there after a whooping midnight cab only to discover everyones slping -___- Cept for gav the "moaning dude" and fish. Played winning eleven with gav n linxie.. DAMMIT GAV KEEP MOANING! Its damn disgusting hearing a guy moan at a chalet.. believe me i would never wanna hear him moan again. L O L

After a couple of hours linx and me get bored and so we left. Blardy bastard gave $5 for the cab fare.. Wth $5 only..

Linx said wanna go cut hair today... i ask him to call me. Till now still no news, so most prob hes gonna cut on friday. I just cut my hair too T.T Yes tml 1 more miserable day in camp than weekend lo!!! next week good friday long weekend !!! WOOOOHOOOO

*some poem i saw on my friends handphone*
When i first saw you i was scare to talk to you
When i first talk to you i was scare to kiss you
When i first kiss you i was scare to love you
Now that i love you
I'm scared to lose you

Quite cute ah? :D

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