wtf am i doing ?

Nowadays are just simply fucked up. I wonder what the hell am i doing.. How much time i have wasted for nothing? Its another 11 months left till ORD and i wonder what i'm going to do after that.

And Xavier is fucking irritating. Why can't he see that we just downright despise him even after all the scolding.. Kns keep spamming my phone think i what -_____- ivan also keep tio rofl. Someone got new gf liao sia. =
Anyway today don't feel like doing anything.. After 2 hours of staring at the wall i'm just downright lazy. Plus my body still aching. After book in would begin another week of being stuck in camp.. Luckily got Good Friday. So hopefull thursday can book out lo !

Listening to Li Sheng Jie - Chi Xin Jue Dui

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