Caught Hitched with linxie and cindy~ =D Damn hilarious show but i was abit tired so din really enjoy it la. After movie cindy~ went to work than me n linx went to cine met huiling. Farfar ryuryu hair she has hahha. Damn colorful with the shades of purple. After slacking at Rocky Master's till 9 we accompanied huiling to Hereens to tattoo her ankle. Alright leh the shop i see that tatt artist's skill quite alright haha.

After that me n linx went home n nua while we wait for cindy~ and huiling to come. They reached at like 4/5am? Than we started Mahjong!!! hahhaa. Dammit me n cindy darling kenna cheat money ._.

Huiling u are ban !!!

Just woke up and finish dinner. Had such a enjoyable nap :D HEE

Listening to Zhou Jie Lun - An Hao.

hint? hint? =p

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