Goodbye n Good Luck

Its been one year since i entered this god forsaken place. Although i dun really enjoy myself during this 1 year but then thru all the hardships i've learnt valuable lessons. Who really are ur friends, how not to trust people so readily. All is well. :D

Well LTA Tan Seng Poh, my ex pc cum my 3ic has left 6SIR 11th Mono Charlie Coy. Good luck to him. One of the best pcs ever around n my smoking partner. Will really miss the times when we chat under the stars while smoking (romantic huh?). He have helped me solve countless problems, console me on countless troubles and he is 1 big cock talker. rofl. He always talk cock la, his fave line is like "DON'T TEACH UR FATHER HOW TO FUCK OK?"
anyway, goodluck to you at OCS :D i will bear in mind what u told me, the lessons u taught me will always have a place in my life..

Alright, been quite busy lately din really have time to blog much. Been a whirlwind ride these few days. Everydays just bookin finish duty rush out dunno do wtf than go back in than rush back out. Feeling very tired from this lifestyle. What ever happened to my uber slow paced life? Been through a few major changes these few days. Come this week i would expect a totally different way of camp life already. I really wanna change, for my sake.. Did i have a choice? Yes i did. Did i choose wisely? I doubt so. Can i make any changes now that i regret? No i can't. Can i live with this? Hopefully i can.

god bless.

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