weekend rantings

Happening week in camp man. Fun stuff 1st. Firstly our dear japanese coy mate got raped on thursday. Sick bastards i tell you. They stripped him n kiwi-ed his 'thing'. Anyone up for pictures? Well i think he deserved it la. Seriously i don't think anyone can be as fucked up as he is. Hes getting charged for stealing sometime next week. Hopefully he get at least a 28days sentence.

Potentially disturbing pic. View @ your own risk
Kaba's Dick

Ok down to more serious stuff. New chocolate bars came. Old ones left. Its quite sad to see the old bars leave after spending 1 year together with them. Good times n bad times la. The new bars are natural idiots, i'm not really on good terms with them. I think next time jialat ._.

Past deployment alot of stuff happened. Mark got 7 days SOL. Alright la hes taking it easy. Hes just misses the beer :D On the other hand, something serious happened. Can't really comment much on it except i think its fucked up n downright evil to ruin someone's future like this. Can't bear to imagine whats gonna happen to him in future.

Sorta having problems of my own nowadays. As mark said yesterday, maybe i should use his tactic. Can't bastard people like that la. Nevermind i'll just take things easy and see what will happen eventually. Yea i'm very passive :D

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