V again :D

Got nights out today. Pretty hectic week, but i'm kinda loving it. Went to holland v with keong, xiang and yangyang. Met ivan there. Dammit we long time no meet up, mass bitching about the people in camp. Ivan and me keep suanning xiang about his kids :D
awwwww so sad... hahhahah Keong treated up to dinner @ crystal jade o.O Before dinner we were at Tango's, long time no go holland v. Too bad not friday night, music sucked at Walas. i really miss the old times where we were always there. haha. Then while we were sight-seeing, ivan mentioned red bra!! LOL. If that retard won't with us ivan would've got to know the red bra babe. hahhaha too bad. I missed the white 1 too!

Everyones leaving already... Most of the officers leaving, can't wait for some to go :D

Have to wake up early later... Sian! Some misc pics.

Yang Yang @ Tangos

Ralf @ Coy Office

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