Test & More.

Skipped my lesson on Saturday. Practical too. Omfg what was i thinking. Didn't had a choice, had driving lessons that could not be canceled cause it was a circuit lesson. Argh so much trouble caused by my procrastinations from before.

Have a test on Fish Ala Or'ly(Fish & Chips) tomorrow. I didn't do as well as i wanted too on the practical lesson on Friday. It was a complete failure, the batter was too thin and the fish was soggy. What the hell. Can't even make a simple Fish & Chups. Grrr, I was pissed. Seriously after 1 semester, i haven't even make anything, anything at all that i am actually proud of. All of the stuff which I've made are complete crap. So much for thinking that i can actually be good for once. Lets hope I dun make any dumbass mistakes tomorrow and for once please let the actual product be similar to that of what i want.

So much have been happening in my domestic life recently. With the reintroduction of someone whom was actually close and dear too me. My dad is back to live with us. Seriously after so long, I really don't feel a thing already. Its interesting how human beings feel and behave. All I feel now is irritation. I know hes trying to show his concern and stuff but... I really don't feel close to him already. Its like living with a new stranger. I guess I will do what i do best. Ignore everything and just live my life as it was. For now, the only thing that matters is my studies.

Just finish watching A Walk To Remember on Channel 5. Very nice show, never fails to touch me. Just what i needed to reinforce my faith in what I'm doing.

Was out last night watching Resident Evil 3 : Extinction at Cineleisure last night too. Well ok movie only, not really worth the weekend price.

Good luck to everyone for the test on Monday and Tuesday.

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