Vous êtes les meilleurs

After reading so much on Bernard Loiseau, I'm deeply influenced by his ways and his style. Such eye for detail, such recklessness to achieve perfection, so much hard work put in to be the best, so much sacrifices made to be at the very top.

How much am i willing to sacrifice? How much am i willing to give? How hard would i work? I don't know at this point of time, which is not good... I just wanna drive myself to where i want to be, which is kinda impossible from the looks of things now. But i think its good to dream.. cause they say 人因梦想而伟大。

Today was disappointing. Seeing the "food" that they serve during Training Restaurant really disappoint me. What they are teaching us in school now isn't what i wanted to learn. I feel like its a speed thing. Or maybe its just me. I don't wanna be someone who dish out mediocre stuff on time. I rather dish out something of the best quality, whatever it takes. I feel like I've swayed from that philosophy and i am not giving my best, just turning out what I'm suppose to on time and neglecting the quality of the food. Its not so easy afterall. Hope this improves with time.

I don't wanna fall flat on my face if reality turns out to be otherwise. You don't want to know how far down i go when i fall. In the meanwhile, like what I've read, i just gotta believe in Vous êtes les meilleurs.

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