I was told I lack passion and had the wrong attitude. Now I wonder where it went. I used to think that i'm passionate about all these stuff. I'm shaken to my very core, stripped of my beliefs. No way i'm going to let this preception of myself, truth or otherwise go on. No more excuses.

Maybe its the new environment, maybe its the lack of smokes, maybe its the new open concept. Only the 2nd day, but I feel like I could've done better. Maybe I wouldn't have screw up the pasta so bad. Maybe if only I opened up more. Maybe if I haven't act so restricted. Maybe I should've been more fearless. Maybe I should not have been afraid to make mistakes. Maybe I should work harder?
Too much going on nowadays. Have tests, driving test and work to worry about. Too tired to think of anything now. But for sure I will be back better than ever.

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