Jay our classmate, my event groupmate, our friend. Whatever ur
decision is, u know that we will support you.

His sudden departure came as a surprise. Especially when he's one of
the most dedicated, determinded and passionate guy in our class. Pity
that he can't continue this journey with us. Still, he will forever be
remembered as one of us. Hopefully our friendship will last even
though we are miles apart..

This semester truely is one of the worst, all the theory lessons and
up dull school life has affected alot of us. Especially me. With my
renewed addiction to World of Warcraft, its only gonna get worst.

Its just 2 more weeks till the end of the semester. Hopefully I'll
manage to scrape through just like the past.

Jay. Goodluck in whatever you do. Hopefully I'll see u in this line
I'm future.

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