Knowing when to give up.

When a decision is to be made, when obstacles are placed like a immovable truck in front of you, do you give up? Or do you hold on? Holding on and fighting and u might be interpreted as determine. Others might take it as you're stupid. Giving up might be interpreted as being clever, others might take it as you're stupid too. With so much promise, holding on might be the correct decision, but at what cost?

Life's irony huh.

So much hints dropped, signs shown, obstacles placed. And i am actually still thinking of continuing? Its weird I know.

Life has its way of dropping subtle hints to one, leading or misleading one into a path. For the better or the worst? That, no one knows. I suppose it all depends on each individual.

Just how much can you take? Just how much more do you need? Second chances? Life's unfair. Second chances are rare.

And now all I need is for God's grace and a miracle to happen. I know the path to take, but I can't reach it. So do i give up?

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