Story time.

saw a thread in a forum a while ago.. it talked about this guy who is, well, heartless. reminds me of someone i know for a some time...

He came from a average family, had everything he ever wanted. Great parents, good school, excellent grades. Was doing very well till one day the family broke up. Hence, he retreated into his shell, put on a fake persona, and lives life the way he likes it. Or did he? He quickly learn how not to care, how to distance himself from everything that once held dear to him.

One fine day, he received news that his grandmother had passed away. Was he sad? Did he even feel a tinge of sadness? No. He was numb. Even though his cousin and him were favorites of his granny's. They were always the ones receiving all the attention during CNY gatherings, family outtings and stuff. He acted non nonchalantly, indifferent, as if his grandma was someone who wasn't related to him at all.

He skipped her funeral, without a sense of remorse. Broke of most contact with the one thing people cared about, family.

Fast forward a few years, he went in the army, and came out relatively unscathed. He then went back to his ways, not caring about any goddamn thing.

Years later, he met his cousin. Whom he was very closed to, like brothers in arms. They met up, they chatted. He had somehow blocked the whole episode from his mind. He mentioned to his cousin if he had went to their grandma's place recently.. Cousin was stunned, gave a angry look and said 'didn't you know granny passed away a few years back!'

There he stood, shocked. Tears started falling down as memories shot to his brain.

The guilt has finally caught up to him, the tears he owed finally shed..

He taught me a valuable lesson, and that is to hold all things dear to me close by. Having no time is not an excuse.

Last i saw that guy, he was still trying to emerge from the shell he created.. May the good lord help him on his quest.

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