Completed Freedom.

Completed MG Freedom over the saturday. Not a good piece of work. As usual paint had problems >.< Oh well. At least now i know priming kits makes for a whole lot of easier time painting. And to really leave sufficient time for paint to dry/cure before coating..

Didn't stick out the decals, not satisfied since the paint job kinda got eaten. Loved the little shading on the wings though. Should remake this again sometime in future.

2 comments to "Completed Freedom."

  • Hey man, nice work. As for you question, I use black base for white. Takes alot more work than gray base but I think it looks better in the end. For any other colour I just use a darker version of that colour.

  • thanks alot, but its very dirty somewhat lol. The coat i used + the lousy white paint completely destroyed this kit. I'm onto a MG Wing custom zero now, hopefully will turn out as good as urs.

    as for this freedom, might go back to it after i'm done... lots of paint to strip :(

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