more loots, more eyecandy, even more impressed.

Alright so u might be wondering how all these pics actually mean anything. Well, for the record, Joe Cole rocks and Fiona is too cute to be true!

Joe Cole is back!! With a vengeance too. Caught the Chelsea's 5 - 0 thumping of Blackburn last night and i gotta say, JC is might impressive! With such performances, who knows, champs league silverware might arrive this season!

Was gonna ....
sleep the other night and was channel surfing and i happened to chance upon a movie, an interesting one at that. Saw Fiona in 2 Young. Didn't know she had acted in movies, only caught her in the drama The_Academy aka 學警雄心. Had been impressed by her ever since that show. Not from her acting but from her looks truth be told =\

2 Young

 Quite kinda like the show actually. Even though its dialogue based with no action scenes, and no erotic scenes ( even though the poster might suggest some, sorry to disappoint.. ), it was quite a well crafted story about very real issues in modern society. Responsibility, love, filial piety are all topics discussed in the show. Light hearted comedic scenes are added but it doesn't steal the seriousness from the heavy topics in question.

The director's method of contrasting the characters in the movie is quite well implemented too. Even though some characters can still be more developed, but overall i felt it was quite a nice movie..

 Recently purchased a new mobile cause i had a free mobile line available. So far, so good ^^ Appreciating its features and push mail really rocks. Just wondering if mu next monthly phone bill will go through my roof =(

On other notes, Mahjong in the house = no gunpla painting. Argh pity cause i'm bloody free today. I'll do a small seperate WIP post on that soon.. Loads of accidents :(

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