A trip down memory lane. Transition Japan -> Korea


Battle of Supremacy
Singapore was first exposed to the Japan craze during October 1997....(from my own experience, early adopters need no apply), from what i remembered as it was the time SPEED was introduced by Avex Trax to Singapore through lots of serveral prime time ads promoting SPEED

SPEED is Takako + Eriko + Hiroko + Itoe. Wow that made me sound so fanboyish heh. I'm sure they played a huge part into bringing in every Jpop related into Singapore. Stuff like Doramas, Kimutaku, Ayumi, Utada all came into sunny little Singapore. That period of time was akin to a dam with its floodgates open. Jpop craze was everywhere! I caught on to it too, remembering classic doramas, their intricate woven storylines, hopelessly kawaii actresses, stylish leads.

People were very into the Jpop crazed, everything from music, merchandise, fashion styles etc etc.. Many memorable Doramas accompanied me through my adolescence. Old school doramas from stuff like Long Vacation era, to the dying phrase of the Jpop crazed in Singapore, which includes one of my all time fave Beautiful Life till more recent stuff like Sekai no Chūshin de, Ai o Sakebu (ok its considered old already but I only really watch doramas that catches my interest), Densha Otoko and recent movies like Crow Zero 1 & 2 & 20th Century Boys.

Kimutaku has always been in very highly rated Doramas and most of them are equally well recieved. He is also, one of my all time fave japanese artist. Very versatile, coupled with his boyish good looks its not hard to see why hes a cult icon in Japan.
Even though the Japan crazed has almost grinded to a halt in recent years, my interest still likes in their culture and kawaii girls

The 2 Yui's are also keeping me glued to the whole idea of Japan. Yui for her great singing, and Aragaki Yui for her acting ?_?

For the past couple of years though, K-pop, or Korean pop has swepted across Asia. Initially i couldn't be bothered with auntie faves like Bae Yong Joon, I was unimpressed. That is until SNSD/Girls Generation came along that is. Pretty much 90% of all fanboys are in it for the cute girls. Trust me =)

Korean variety shows are actually very entertaining and interesting. Probably the stuff that got me going..

Can't turn a blind eye on these too..

Kara is also very impressive, recently came back from a short hiatus, with a improved image and a sexy butt dance which got attention of fanboys around the world. And nicole is <3

One pulling factor for me is still the Japanese culture. I recalled being very intrigued by it when i was like 10 years old, with my frantic downloading of mp3s from sources like Napster on a 56.6 kbps modem. Ahhhh, that horrific experience left a deep impression. I hope i never have to experience anything like that again...

So anyone else into both things Japan & Korean too? Hopfully I can visit Japan soon, and i wouldn't mind roaming the streets of Korea again =)

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