Raining + Airbrush = A Destiny with a BAD Paint Job

After painstakingly setting up everything needed.....

Just when i thought i can actually do more airbrushing... A freakin thunderstorm infact. Failure to get a moisture trap is killing me. Just too bad that i blew my budget this month, along with the next 2 months too lol!

Some WIP Pics.

Gonna try the max technique thing so had a black base coat on for the white parts.

Colored parts i did what i always do, that is black highlights, base color, base color + white. Not very good way, shading like that looks artificial because of the black highlights. Shall omit the black highlights next time round.

That is all for now. Got the frame up, left the red parts (was lazy to mask so i decided to spray the inner parts of the wings red first, than build the whole thing to conceal the seamlines, than paint again), weapons (weird color scheme i would say on Destiny), and the white armor parts.

PS. was using my blackberry for the pics, camera isn't with me =( would be good if i got a entry level DSLR =D

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