WIP - MG Wing Custom Zero Endless Waltz ver

Started priming my kit last night. Was real glad that i can use a table for painting my kits from now on. Being on the floor crouching and painting gunpla is no joke.

Wing Custom Zero being a older kit doesn't have as much articulation and details as newer kits say like Strike Freedom. This makes it alot more simple to build up, esp the internal frame part.

The internal frame getting ready for some prime'lovin!

One major gripe i have was the hands. Lousy design as the whole arm doesn't have a whole internal frame but instead its connected thru the armor which is bad for me cause i don't prebuild my kits(no idea if its good or bad tho).

The bane of this kit, the wings. I expect the wings to take up the bulk to the painting process.

Sadly i exhausted the whole can of MR.Surfacer. (no idea if i should prime the pieces individually or piece everything together than prime as a whole? Anyone?)

All primed and ready to go tonight.

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