Gotten my MG Blue frame last night. Gonna try and emulate Gundampro's color scheme. Would be my first attempt trying out candy coat. I figured if it doesn't work i would just use mettalic blue :D

On second thoughts, distraction not being from gunpla. But gunpla is my form of distraction to take my mind off stuff. I realized it is one of the most effective methods since its so time consuming plus the failures/successes that comes with it is very satisfying indeed.

Time is very forgiving itself. Many things can be healed through time and I believe all I need is just simply, more time...

3 comments to "Distractions."

  • Did you put your Hi-nu on hold lol?

    Man I'm so busy lately haven't touched my Rick Dias in about a month :(

  • no la not on hold. just that i don't have a permanent work station and setting one up takes me like 30mins.. so sometimes very lazy...

    Plus i've actually finish the internal frame for the hi nu.. till i decided i didn't like the dark grey and wanted a metallic grey.. but since i've topcoated it already i think nvm la.. abit too late.. Now just left with the blue/purple and white parts... will prob take me 2 more weeks hehe

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