The "One Piece" Gundam

Ok so I haven't been blogging much recently. Why? Well, cause I am busying finishing up my MG Hi V gundam. Just that I don't have my camera with me and I've manage to sprain my wrist a few days back during weekly soccer :(

 I managed to grab a cheap MG Crossbone Ver Ka. I've always loved the Version Ka. kits which I find very mech-like, just the way gundams should be ^^. Well while trying to finish my MG Hi V, which I manage to get kinda sick over, I'm trying to decide between starting on the MG Blue Frame 2nd ver, or the above, MG Crossbone Ver.Ka. Can't wait to do a ver.ka kit, but can't wait to try out candy glossing on the MG Blueframe. Problem with Blueframe is that I'll only be getting the waterslide decals at the end of December, whereas the waterslide decals for Crossbone arrived this morning ^^

Maybe I should concentrate more on MG Hi V since the purple shading came out pretty well, just a tad too dark overall...

Am suppose to get my camera back this weekend.. So might be able to update a little bit on my progress. I'm all but left with the white parts, panel lining and I'll be trying my very first attempt on applying waterslide decals on my MG Hi V....

Till then ^^

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