Crossbone Ver.Ka Scratch Build Complete.

Alright so I've completed Crossbone Ver.Ka at last. This is actually a very disappointing kit to me. There are actually many limitations to this kit and the color reproduction is actually quite poor, thus the limited amount of parts. Gonna take me alot of masking to achieve the colors I sought after.

Seeing the unpainted product, I expect to have loads of problem painting the weapons. The dark blue parts I intend to change it into a more sky/cobalt blue shade, but I'm worried if the kit would look kiddish overall. Hopefully not. (PS, good excuse to finish up my cobalt blue paint)

Hmm... work is screwing my bio clock badly, but still, it beats being in the office facing people I would rather not face ... heh

And yes I know that my posts are getting limited.. Well new job, new transitions and new toys makes it difficult to spend my time and energy on plamo.. Plus my camera still isn't with me... sigh i hate the camera quality of myy Blackberry Bold =(

Perhaps its time for a Blackberry 9700 =\

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