Been a while, really felt like a long long time. Endless thoughts came and go, truthful words exchanged, in the end, all that really matters is, ironically, not what's in my mind.

I remember the time where I was a different person. Ignoring stuff that matters (not that I don't now), brash and harsh.

When you showed so much patience and taught me a great deal, I was admittedly ignorant and not appreciative. Not till it was too late anyway.

But you taught me the importance of slowing down, taking a deep breath and looking around. Its not what one does to oneself that shows him as a person, its how he influences those around him without hurting them.

Instead of a 1 + 1, Its a 1^x + 1^x whereby x is everyone associated with the subject.

One of my defining moments I supposed, where influences and judgements were resisted and thoughts were implanted in place.


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