iOS 4!

Finally Apple users get do more than 2 things at once. Long overdue but hey, its better than never.

Well the only other exciting things to me are only the front/back glass and the new design. Pretty much every major improvement had been done before elsewhere. Facetime looks good, but only on Wifi?! But knowing Apple, it would probably get sorted out soon. The build quality looks pretty solid and the white version just looks so cool. Apple designers should probably go out there to teach other companies about design!
The new display looks crisp and clean, impressive display, even the minute details can be seen. I wish my desire had that :(

The rest of the features doesn't look impressive. Was expecting a revolutionary feature of sorts, but I guess they're saving it for next time.

But hey, Wifi crashing at the WWDC? Poor guy..

Credits to Engadget for the pictures.

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