Position of Power?

Bad bad situation to be in, especially when you have a competitor on a country so small, its painful to live in. I mean, after all the hype, and me myself familiar with the industry, this kinda service is just plain appalling. Its like their staff are in the service line but not providing in. Doing nothing is the worst any service staff can do in situations like these.

But who's to blame? I wouldn't place all the blame on their staff solely. Why? Sometimes, as much as you wanna help, there are certain boundaries that prevent you from doing it. That applies even if you hold a position of power. Be it a Supervisor or a Manager. Their jobs are on the line I suppose.

Often large organisations like these hire people, but fail to make it clear the extend of their power in relation to their ranks. If the manager failed to do anything in this situation, I doubt there are other people capable of resolving these issue in a amicable way. Failure to appease the guest immediately either shows their inability to cope, or their limitations as a organisation. No one offered any compensation for the guest's lost of time. No compensations were made that i know off. And now its on Youtube.

If the manager/supervisor had the power to compensate base on his own discretion, wouldn't the issue be resolved? Even if its not resolved the impact would've been reduced and the public could've judge from themselves if the organisation did their best in trying to resolve the issue. If the manager/supervisor had the power, but failed to do anything with it to appease the guests, then thats shows the culture in the organisation doesn't it?

If I had my way, I would definitely offer them some form of compensation. They might still be angry, but at least you did try and do something about the unfortunate event. Meal vouchers, free stays, exclusive use of their facilities. I wouldn't mind making the organisation lose money if its to appease guest. Customers are king, especially in this industry.

I've met my fare share of over demanding and plain picky guests, but at the end of the day, they're still guests. You're in the business to keep people happy, if they're not means something is probably wrong.

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