ahh i'm fucked

Just receive news that they are pulling EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE for the deployment next week at Jurong Island.. Damn... i'm going also, how fucked up can that be.. 2 weeks confinement.. like 2 weeks Stoppages Of Leave lor.. No more work 1 day off 1 day..

Dudes, i'm like so pissed off already..
Seriously i dunno how to survive 2 weeks of ops without booking out.. AT ALL..

Borrowed .hack// from tingneng just now... Damn nice read.. Truely lived up to all the hyped i read from reviews and stuff.

I am still like pissed over the deployment thingy.. argh 2 weeks.. 2 goddamn freakin weeks..


Garang kly would be at Jurong Island baking in the sun, enjoying the sea breeze up in the tower and hopefully kill some terrorists yo :D (like anyone would even consider singapore a target >.< )

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