book in again

Gonna book in soon again.. How i dread going back to that environment... Have to put on an act all day long... Tiring leh.. Can't show what i feel deep down, have to go with the flow, have to put up a fake smile almost 24/7

I din see the need to do this kinda play acting at the start because i was well, ignorant, i have paid dearly and now that i have learn the art of fake smiling, i despise it.

i thought about what i'd do, but i can't do what i think, i thought about thinking bout what i do, i chose to do without thinking, now i am thinking about what i'm doing, sadly it doesn't matter anymore. what crap >.<

The rest of this month is gonna be a long one....

I realise now i can't live like before. I dun give a shit before, i din care, i do what i like, i chose my own path... Now, i do what i'm told, i obey, i listen, i think about what i am going to do... sia, y change until like that sia >.<

anyway, enough ranting, be back soon.....

i hope.

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