Was at ChinaBlack last evening and saw lots of old friends! Went with chup, denise, adrian, linxie. ste and aloy! 1st part was alright la, ending part was bored!! We went down to Mac's at around and suddenly 1 bunch of chao ns kias come up to me! haha. It was Beng, OBS, elvin, stanley, edmund and co! Saw alot of people yesterday. Than when we about to go back in, behind beng they all are the old XCTT DUDES! wha uber long time no see them, mark nat they all!! Wasted i can't find them in ChinaBlack...

*update* hmm there seems to be something wrong with mypicgallery.com. Think i'll be migrating my photos to photobucket.com >.<>.<

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