shedding skin! >.<

Wha mass shedding skin from the tattoo! I wake up every morning with like a pile of skin on my bed! ROFL

Work week was uber fucked up this week. Busy with usual office work + parade + mass COS duty! Freakin old hag dun let me go out lor! Like WTF MAN! But can't blame also, like ivan said, cause we "BU HUI JIANG HUA!!!" (we dunno how to speak, literally). Just because i dun give you a motherfucking BLOWJOB everything other day means i'm not entitled to OFFs? At least i dun 'siam' my work, i do my part and even go beyond my duties and for that, i can safely say that i've done my job without any regrets/guilt whatsoever. Well tml book out liao, going to Wild Wild Wet but can't participate cos can't swim yet >.< Sunday morning have to be back for duty... WTF WTF WTF !!! =[

Seriously i dun understand. When you are a superior, you see your subordinate working so hard, its ok if you dun even wanna encourage him, but do you favour a goodfornothing/retard/sorryface/ican'tevenspeakenglishproperbly asshole over the hardworking one? Not that i am VERY HARDWORKING but at least i do my part + all the extra bulls that comes with it! Haiz, god bless me.

My back is recovering at last >.< After 3 days of skin shredding and utterly unbearable itchiness, i'm happy to say that i'm pass that stage! weeeee

Still can't believe my working environment.. this is insane...

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